Participation of the Aliança SIPA in the closure of the PISA Norte Project promoted by SEBRAE-RS

On 02/23/21, the Aliança SIPA  participated in the online closing event of the PISA Norte Project promoted by SEBRAE-RS. Among the guests were Juntos para Competir partners (SEBRAE, SENAR and FARSUL), producers participating in the project, students, professors and researchers at UFRGS.

At the event, the results of the sustainability assessment of the PISA Norte Project, carried out by the GPEP / Aliança SIPA, were shared. All participating properties were evaluated at the beginning (ex-ante) and at the end (ex-post) of the PISA Norte project, based on an international tool for assessing the sustainability of agricultural and food systems for family farming (SAFA Smallholders).

Main results of the evaluation:

The average sustainability index, which considers the result of all the properties evaluated, is between the good and excellent levels for all the sustainability themes described in the SAFA tool.

At the end of the project, 86% of the properties were classified as sustainable.

The new concept of pasture management (Pastoreio Rotatínuo) was listed by producers among the main factors promoting changes in rural properties.

The PISA project contributes to strengthening milk production and at the same time promoting the sustainability of rural properties.

So, were you interested in the subject? Did you like the theme?

Access the file presented at the event, with more information about PISA, the SAFA tool and the evaluation of the PISA Norte Project:

We also leave the link to access technical bulletin that addresses this topic:


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