The diffusion of knowledge consists of complementing their generation, aiming to reach the final “target audience” of the research that, in the Agro world, consists of rural producers and students of Agrarian Sciences. The objective is to assist the individual who seeks information with a defined purpose, aiming to find something that makes it possible to change their level of knowledge, selecting and processing the information. In addition, more recently, some strategies for disseminating the knowledge generated that aim to raise awareness, to society as a whole, of the importance of more sustainable food production have also been implemented.
For this, the Aliança SIPA  disseminates its knowledge through actions, such as events (field days), bulletins and technical information, and human resources training to work in teaching/research/extension.

Field days

The Aliança SIPA annually conducts at least three field days in its experimental protocols and/or rural properties of its allies. So far, approximately 30 field days have taken place, with the participation of roughly 8,000 people. Stay tuned for our upcoming events on the News link and following our social networks.

Technical bulletins and newsletters

Technical bulletins and newsletters are used to disseminate technical-scientific results concisely and straightforwardly to the target audience interested in ICLS, providing a source for consultation at any time for readers. Technical bulletins and newsletters are written by the professionals responsible for generating knowledge at ICLS who, in turn, act as students, teachers, researchers, and consultants in the research groups and companies that are part of the ICLS Alliance. For more information, see our Virtual Library.

Formation of human resources with expertise in teaching, research and extension

The training of human resources, through internships, scientific initiation and postgraduate programs (master’s and doctorate) is also one of the differentials of ICLS Alliance to contribute to the promotion and diffusion of these production systems. So far, the knowledge generation works developed have already been responsible for the direct training of around 150 people, including Agronomists, Forestry Engineers, Veterinarians and Zootechnicians, at the undergraduate, master, doctoral and postdoctoral levels. Today, these professionals work in the most diverse regions of Brazil and the world, spreading the concept of ICLS as unique production systems for obtaining sustainable food production.



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