Cattle farmer should think with the head of a farmer

In an interview with the program Revista DBO em Foco, broadcast live this Monday (22/2), Edicarlos Damacena de Souza (Deputy director of Aliança SIPA). According to him with a little planning, the cattle production farm can have great results by adopting a ‘new’ position of the producer: to be more farmer than cattle rancher, in order to be able to harvest more in a “meat crop”.

“Some producers still have the vision that producing a lot is interesting. That’s why he leaves the pasture behind, because a drought season will come. But in reality, what needs to be done is to harvest efficiently. ”

According to the researcher, the most efficient way to harvest is to use differentiated pasture management. One such management is the “rotatínuo”, in which the animals remain in the paddocks until they eat the most ‘tasty’ and nutritious part of the pasture.
This ensures that the animals only eat the best, the development becomes better. In addition, the recovery of the plant tends to be faster, making the rotation of the animals between the paddocks much more continuous.

Check out the full interview on the You Tube channel of Potal DBO and on the DBO Portal.


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