Aliança SIPA & Terra Global Capital partner on international project in the Cerrado

Terra Global was created in 2006 and is a company managed by women, headquartered in Oakland, California (USA), whose mission is to provide technical expertise for investments in business in the Agro sector to global customers. Terra Global is recognized for facilitating forestry and agricultural management practices in a sustainable way from a financial, social and environmental perspective.

This company has in its portfolio the use of international protocols to verify emissions of Greenhouse Gases (GHG) from any Agro operations, and expertise to reduce emissions in order to make such operations carbon neutral, in addition to encouraging scientific innovations. through its multidisciplinary forces.

Terra Global, in partnership with Aliança SIPA, was contemplated with the Reverte project, ensured by a partnership between the Syngenta Group and The Nature Conservancy (TNC). The objective of the initiative is to combine the expansion of agricultural production in the Cerrado with the conservation of native vegetation and its natural resources.

The focus of the Project in the Cerrado is right in the importance of the region as food production for the world, and its priceless natural value as a biome. From analyzes that considered productive, environmental conservation and risk issues, three regions of interest were selected for the

 initial phase of the project: Goiás, Mato Grosso and Maranhão.

The project will assist rural producers in the recovery of areas undergoing degradation, through Integrated Agricultural Production Systems (SIPA), a production philosophy recognized as reconciling food production with the production of ecosystem services and recovery of environmental liabilities.

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