Dissemination of technical knowledge

On July 29, 2021, the 2nd Technical Meeting of the PISA Project (Integrated Production of Pastures and Agricultural Crops) took place in the municipality of Rondonópolis/MT, organized by the Aliança SIPA, through the Research and Innovation Group on Pure and Integrated Agricultural Production (GPISI) in partnership with REM Mato Grosso (Global REDD Early Movers Program), managed by FUNBIO, and Instituto Mato-grossense do Algodão (IMAmt) and supported by the consulting company Soma Field.
The event’s objective was to promote interaction between producers and the university, encouraging the application of low-carbon technologies developed in the PISA project, which was attended by around 31 farmers, ranchers and technicians.
The focus of the discussions at this Technical Meeting was Agricultural Production Systems with Fertilizing Systems, which began at the Living Center of Fazenda Guarita, with the welcome of the Farm Owner, Mr. Joel Strobel. After this warm reception, there was the presentation of the Fertilizing Systems Protocol, in which the participants were able to ask questions and exchange experiences with the owner of the Farm and professors Edicarlos Damacena de Souza and Leandro Pereira Pacheco.
After that, the participants were invited to visit the experimental area, which has 22.8 hectares, donated by the Strobel Family for GPISI, in partnership with the SIPA Alliance, to conduct the trial. At that time, the participants were able to learn about the PISA experiment, which involves Management of Excellence in Pastures with the use of Fertilization Systems and the entry of animals in rotational grazing.

Finally, the participants were invited to enjoy a delicious lunch while they discussed the knowledge acquired at the Meeting in a relaxed manner.

The technical dissemination of the research generated in the Excellence Units and the actual application in crops is extremely necessary to fulfill its purpose, in fact promoting the sustainable intensification of food production.



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