Higher profit with “meat crops”

That week, in the DBO Portal 2021 Yearbook, in the Manejo & Pastagem Session, the article Higher profit with “meat crops” authored by the Deputy Director of the  Aliança SIPA, Edicarlos Damacena de Souza, with the collaboration of Paulo César de Faccio Carvalho (Director of Aliança SIPA) and Armindo Barth Neto (Agribusiness Intelligence Service – SIA).

In the Article, our Allies address the premises of the “Meat Crop” concept, emphasizing that animal production on pasture should be understood as a crop, which requires financial investments, cultivation (handling, driving) and appropriate technicians, as well as in grain crop.

Our allies also highlight some technologies that are highlighted in this climate-smart concept, such as: a) “Farm Design; b) Organized herd structure; c) Structured and qualified work team; d) Improved soil fertility; e) Control of pests and diseases; and f) Grazing management. According to them, when “Lavoura de Carne” is practiced in integrated production systems, this activity can yield 5 @ / ha, in the short period of 3 to 5 months of grazing (off season), when the number is less than that (4.5 @ ) is achieved in the average Brazil.

Check the complete content, including field results presented in this article at: www.portaldbo.com.br/?s=anuario+2021



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